Pleasure Tools sling frames

Sling in frame

Pleasure Tools is a manufacturer from the trusty sling frames, which as the name suggests, are specifically designed for hours of kinky fun.

No hooks in the ceiling to hang your sling. So no strange looks from family members and other visitors. And the hear no rattling chains.

The frame is easy to put together and take apart again soon. And everything you neatly on mountain in the supplied bag.

The sling is in the frame height adjustable.

At a complete sling frame offers a range of accessories included, for even more fun.

In addition to the well-known 4-point and 5-point Sling, there are several other "pleasure Tools" in our range. such as the 1-point sling, Bondage table and Slingstoel. All tools can also be delivered separately. Our entire assortment can be seen In the webshop. Most "Pleasure Tools" can also be rented.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you can't find what you're looking for. Because pleasure Tools makes everything yourself, it is easy to deliver customized work. And the more the question, the more fun we find it!



Complete frames with sling are also for rent. Both for private use and for kinky/BDSM parties. See the hire page.
Also the other "pleasure Tools", such as the bondage table and Slingstoel are of course for rent.



In our webshop you can find the whole range of Pleasure Tools. At the moment we are still working on this website. The order module still doesn't work … But that need not to be a problem. If you want to order something, or you have a question, simply send an email to




About our frames

The frames are manufactured in our workshop in Almere. After welding are all metal parts with a high quality coating. This coating not only protects the metal, but also gives the frame a very luxurious look. The coating feels very pleasant to touch.

All parts are well tailored made, making it very solid frame built up state. And it is very solid. Frames of Pleasure Tools are for many years intensive use at Club Church in Amsterdam. And in the past also at SM Bunker in Amsterdam. At these places are our frames are used very intensively. With those experiences we have the frames made even stronger. You should now be of very good quality to a Pleasure Tools frame to get broken. (And we would like to hear if you have managed!)

And because we make the frames ourselves, it's easy to make customized items. Inquire about the possibilities!

On all frames we give a whopping 5 year warranty!

This video shows how simple it is to set up the frame:

About our slings

Our slings are made from the finest quality leather.